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We are a group of professionals that involves in all areas of your company.

Press & Communication

We develop communication strategies to position brands in the top media of each country.

Working environment diagnosis

We elaborate plans to strengthen the team of each company, from the press, and to position the brand with a bigger impact outside the company.

Prevention & crisis management

We are continuously and reactively working on the messages that each company delivers in order to have an emergency action plan and protect them from a crisis.

Coaching Media

We carry out trainings to improve the skills and essence of each spokesperson in dealing with journalists and media.

Overseeing of media

We carry out an overseeing and clipping of all our clients to assess the results of each campaign effectively.

Creating content

We identify feasible content to develop efficient communication by assembling a media map detailing the journalist that belong to each media.

Social media management

We manage the online community by creating and keeping steady relationships and good communication with their clients.

Event organization

We have a team with vast experience in the industry that comes together with our daily press work.

Press calls

We take care of press calls, strategically identifying each detail of their assembly

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Information about the most diverse hot topics of public interest

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